6 Tips On How to Paint the Perfect Front Door

Our front doors often act as the first impression guests have on our homes. So knowing how to paint them correctly is a great skill to have. So here at Chadwicks we’ve come up with 6 easy steps to create a stunningly painted front door. We’ve also made sure to have in stock everything you need for these little jobs .


1. Door Prep
First up you need to prep your door before you start. You should put down dustsheets or newspapers to protect flooring. Use a wedge to hold the door in place. Then remove all door fittings. Before painting begins be sure to put on rubber gloves to protect your hands.


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2. Sanding your door
Before applying your undercoat it is important to sand your door first. Once sanded wipe off dust and apply white spirits to the door.

2.image (3)


3. Masking tape
Apply masking tape around areas you do not wish to paint. (e.g windows or fittings that could not be removed)

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4. Undercoat
Mix your undercoat and using a brush apply to edges and moldings of your door. Then paint the wider sections of your door working from the middle out. To speed things up you can use a mini roller on the wider sections of your door.

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5. Top coat
Before applying your topcoat /gloss gently sand and dust your door once more. Then mix and apply it in the same fashion as you did your undercoat.

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6. Put fixtures back on
Finally wait the advised time for the paint to dry then reattach fixtures and fittings.

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