6 Incredibly Easy And Fun Diy Projects To Try

Old door handles

Have some fun and choose the most interesting, eclectic or classy door handles you can find at home or in your local hardware store and fix a series of them to the wall. They make for an alternative option for hanging towels, bags or scarves and can be done in a jiffy.


Hinged painting

There's no need to suffer unsightly sockets, wall fixtures and thermostats when you can cover them with art! All that's required are a deep-framed painting or photograph and two hinges to screw it into place on the wall. Choose the size wisely depending on the position of the fixture to leave an even space around it.



Up-cycled cd rack

Not many people still have cds anymore and if they do, hardly enough to fill a cd shelf or rack. Time to find a new use for them and a perfect use for storing small items like on a bathroom shelf. Just turn on its side and screw into the wall. Voila!


Ladder shoe shelf

If you have a bit of space, and have a bit of a shoe problem, then this DIY project is for you. You don't even have to pick up a hammer. Just clean up your ladder and place some wooden plank across the steps and you’re ready to proudly display all your wonderful shoes.


DIY cat tent

Cat lovers know that cats love nothing better than crawling into small spaces and sitting on your favourite clothes and items. If you can spare one of your t-shirts and a few minutes then you can whip them up their very own tent that will remind them of you when you're out.

Instructions: http://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-cat-tent/



Vintage suitcase dog bed

Of course, we can't leave the dogs out, they need a cosy space too. We love this cute adjustment to an old vintage suitcase. Simply cover some comy foam or pillows in your chosen material and fill with your dog's favourite toys and he won't need much more enticement.