5 Tips For Tradespeople To Win Tenders

Spending the day on site and the evening lining up the next job can be exhausting. Having a organised approach to tenders can help save precious time that can be spent with family, watching football and playing golf! Check out these 5 tips that will help you win more tenders.

Ensure to stay competitive when pricing

Competitive pricing

Getting the price right is crucial. Price too high and you will automatically disqualify yourself from the tender process. Price too low and you will run into financial problems. When pricing up a job consider your internal financial constraints, cost of materials and competitors.

What is your Unique Selling Point?

Your businesses unique selling point is the essence of what makes your service better than competitors. Consider the strengths of your individual team members when creating yours and ensure it is included in the tender response.

Promote the strength of your team

Strength of team

Your team is a direct reflection on the quality of work your business can produce. If you have a brilliant team don’t be afraid to include it in the tender response. A team that has extensive experience to something to shout about!

Throw in a little bit extra

The contractor is looking for value for money and speed of project delivery. Whether it is throwing in some tins of paint or guaranteeing a finish date, always add that little bit extra. It will help to set you apart from the competition.

Minimise the contractors risk

Building trust with a contractor is very important . The contractor needs to feel confident that they can trust that your business will do a good job and to get it done on time. Trust can be built by responding to the tender properly and in a timely manner. Including references and testimonials of similar jobs will also help.

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