5 Situations When Its Better To Choose A Bath Over A Shower

Most of us are shower people. They’re quick, easy, and convenient. However, from time-to-time, we need a good soak.

Here's 5 situations when a bath wins over a shower.

After a long day at work: A big presentation in the morning, back-to-back meetings after that, and no time for coffee breaks or lunch – if your work day looks like this then a bath is what you need.

Relax and soak away that awful day.

Long work day

After a big clean up: You've just spent the entire Saturday clearing all the junk from your house. Your body aches, you're exhausted and you need a wash,“ badly!

The bath is calling you. You can add ingredients into the bathwater to help treat those aches and pains (epsom salt is a good choice).

Big clean up

After a day in the park with the kids: Between running after them all day, making them laugh again after they fall and sorting them out with some snacks, a day out with the kids requires a lot of energy.

The best way to recharge your batteries: a bath.

Park with kids

After cooking for someone else: It's nice to invite friends and family over for dinner but your stress levels tend to go through the roof when you're cooking for someone else. All of a sudden, you lose all doubt in your capability as a cook.

Once the plates are cleared and the guests are safely on their way home, grab a glass of wine, fill the tub and hop in.

Cooking for someone else

After a night out: If you went a bit overboard on Saturday night with the lads and you're now suffering the repercussions, a good soak will help restore your body.

Night out