5 Easy Last Minute DIY Halloween Decorations

Did Halloween creep up on you a little quicker than you expected? Don’t be frightened! There’s still plenty of time for these easy last minute DIY Halloween decorations from Chadwicks. With these simple projects, you’ll have the spookiest home in the neighbourhood in no time!


1. Perfectly Simple Pumpkin Cooler

If you’re hosting a Halloween party and need an easy and festive way to keep beverages cold, this simple pumpkin cooler is the perfect solution. Just cut the top third off of a large, wide pumpkin, and remove the seeds and pulp. Line with a plastic or glass bowl, and fill with ice for a festive centerpiece that will keep your drinks cold all evening

Halloween 1

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2. Bloody Pillar Candles

If you have a white pillar candle and any type of red candle, you have everything you need to make a spooky candle that looks like its dripping blood. Just light your red candle and carefully let the wax drip over the top and sides of the pillar candle. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Halloween 2

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3. Life Size Corpse

This one is certain to spook party guests and trick-or-treaters alike, and its way easier than you probably think. All you need is plastic trash backs, a round Styrofoam ball for the head, some old clothes and stuffing material. Stuff the old clothes with crumpled newspaper, plastic grocery bags, bubble wrap, etc. Place the “head” at the top, and wrap the entire body in white garbage bags and duct tape.

Hallaween 3

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4. Creepy Spider Eggs

We all know someone who is terrified of all things creepy and crawly. Make their skin crawl with these creepy spider eggs. Cut the legs off of a pair of white pantyhose. Fill the foot with pillow stuffing, and attach fake spiders.

halloween 4

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5. Glowing Eyes

Make your visitors feel like they’re being watched with these easy glowing eyes. All you need is toilet paper or paper towel tubes, duct tape, glow sticks and a craft knife. Using your craft knife, carefully cut eyes in each cardboard tube. Insert a glow stick, seal the ends with duct tape, and tuck the tubes in dark corners of your yard or home.

halloween 5

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