21 Quick Tips to Prepare for Unexpected Guests

You’ve come home exhausted after a long day. The bin is overflowing, the sink is full of dishes, the floor has seen better days and you say to yourself ‘’I’ll sort it tomorrow.’’

You change into your sweats and dive onto the couch. Then your phone rings. It’s your sister. She’s coming over. She’ll be here in half an hour. Oh and she’s bringing a friend. What do you do? Panic.

Relax, here’s 21 quick tips to prepare your house for expected guests.

Empty the bin – your guests won’t like the sight of you preparing drinks next to a bin that’s about to burst. Take out the rubbish.

Empty the bin

Tackle the bathroom – a dirty bathroom is not going to go down well with guests. Make sure it’s fully stocked with toilet paper and soap. Quickly spray some air freshener around and throw some bleach down the toilet.

Tackle the bathroom

Mask smells – you’re not going to get a major cleaning operation done, but at least you can make the house smell nice with some scented candles.

Mask smells

Sweep the floor – you don’t have the time to mop and polish but a quick sweep will get rid of any visible dust and dirt.

Sort the dishes – that pile up of dishes which shows yesterday morning’s breakfast has to go. Give them a quick rinse, load the dishwasher, and let the evidence wash away.

Sort the dishes

Sort the washing – now is the time for that pile of clothes that’s been living on your floor for the past week to get washed. Stick a load on and get busy sorting the rest of the house.

Sort the washing

De-clutter the living room – chances are you’re going to host your guests in the living room which means that place needs to be tidy. Give your coffee table a wipe. Organise any books/magazines that are scattered across the place. Plump the cushions on the sofa and neaten any rugs.

De-clutter the living room

Prepare snacks – grab some bowls and fill them with a few nibbles such as crisps, popcorn, nuts.

Prepare snacks

Tidy the hall – make sure the hall is clean because it’s the first thing your guests will see. Bring any coats flung across the bannisters and shoes nesting under the hall table upstairs. Sweep the floor, dust down the stairs and spray some air freshener.

Stick on the kettle – be prepared if your guests fancy a cuppa. Have the kettle on with coffee and tea on hand and a plate of biscuits for dunking.

Stick on the kettle

Mirror, mirror on the wall – clean every mirror in the house. Your guests are bound to look in one at some stage and nobody likes their reflection being ruined by splashes of makeup and fingertips.

Mirror mirror on the wall

Stick on a playlist – have some music playing low in the background.

Put on some music

Make the bed – if there’s a chance your guests will take a trip to your bedroom, make sure the place is presentable. Making the bed is a good start.

Make the bed

Essentials in place – we’re not talking about pots of flowers which make the place look nice. Have extra napkins and bottles of water ready for your guests.

Be prepared for a longer stay – depending on your hosting skills, your guests might turn a quick pop in into an overnight stay. Have a fresh bed prepared and make sure the guest bedroom is clean and tidy.

Be prepared fpr a longer stay

Check outside – make sure the outside is just as presentable as the inside. Pick up any litter. Get rid of the cobwebs lingering under the window ledge.

Hoover everywhere – grab the hoover and do a quick once over everywhere. Remember walls, corner, ceilings and floors.

Hoover everywhere

Dust away – dust, dust, dust, everywhere and anywhere.

Put things in their place – quickly check that everything is where they’re supposed to be. You don’t want any surprises popping up.

Don’t forget about yourself – with all the speedy cleaning, you’re bound to get sweaty. Make sure there’s hot water for a quick shower, change your clothes and give your hair a good brush.

Don't forget about yourself

Fake a power out – if you’re really struggling to move from the couch, tell your guests you forgot to pay the electrical bill and as a result been cut off. They can’t see the mess in the dark. *only use if really desperate.

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