20 Big Ideas For Small Spaces

A small house or apartment needs just as much planning and consideration when it comes to décor as larger places, but the same rules do not apply. In fact, you need to think outside the (small) box. Here are 20 ways to make you're little space something to be proud of.

1) Clear spaces
Furniture that you can ''see through'' is a good idea so as not to box-off areas of the room and give the illusion of more space. Couches, chairs and beds on raised legs will create the illusion of more space also.


2) Light
If possible, let as much light into the room as you can. If window's or skylights aren't fruitful then adding a frosted glass panel to the inner doors will allow light to pour in.


3) Multi-purpose
When space is an issue then multi-functioning rooms work best. A bedroom could also be a reading room or office space. Layering your furniture types within a room can help you create the illusion of more choice and functionality.


4) Alcove beds
These work best with single beds and allow you to close off the bed and also to neatly conceal parts of it to allow the option of a day room. A hollowed out built-in wardrobe or a slanted ceiling both work well with this kind of feature.


5) Light walls
Bright light walls will reflect the light and make a small space appear bigger. Have fun with colour when it comes to your curtains, ornaments or furniture.


6) Dark walls
This may sound contradictory but painting the walls dark in a small room can also work. They can add a subtlety of hues and the edges of a room are less defined when it get darker, therefore giving the illusion of more space.


7) Door handles
Door knobs are not just for opening doors ya'know. They can also act as a carrier of things with these handy pockets. Utilizing every space is key remember?


8) Halls
Take advantage of your hall space and line with shelves where you can. Even a few short shelves can contribute to your de-cluttering of the main rooms. If you can get away with a floor to ceiling, even better.


9) Radiator covers
Some radiators can look bulky and out of place in a hallway or room. By covering it up you can create some extra surface space as well as improving the overall appearance of a room.


10) Ladder shelves
A leaning ladder shelf is a great way to maximize shelving space without taking up too much room up. As the widest space is at the bottom you get to avoid overwhelming the upper area.


11) Corner shelves
Every corner has something to offer. Okay, so you don't want to overdo it or you might be hitting your head at every turn but a few simple corner shelves can go a long way, especially above a couch to take advantage of a crowded area within a room.


12) Table for two?

Not every home is made for large dinner parties so maybe forgo the large table in favour of space and opt for a simple two-seater instead.


13) High shelving
Run out of space in your kitchen or living room, then just look up and consider some wrap-around shelving for those items you don't use that frequently. This can also gives the illusion of space as it keeps the eye level free of clutter.


14) Mirrors
A few strategically placed mirrors or one large one will reflect light in the right places and give the appearance of a larger room.


15) Curtains
Keep your curtains the same colour as your walls to avoid dividing up small spaces any further.


16) Minimal
Avoid fussy detail on furnishings within a small room and opt for clean designs and light colours where possible. This will allow the eye to not be distracted too much.


17) Empty spaces
Seems counterproductive for small homes but leaving some empty spaces on shelves and surfaces will make rooms appear larger.


18) Keep it down low
Low down furniture will clear up some head-room and make a space feel airier. Follow this up with low positioned mirrors and pictures and the openness will increase.


19) Sliding door
Replace a normal door with a sliding door and notice a big difference. Especially when leaving the door open to connect living spaces.


20) White out
Some rooms are so small there is nothing to be done other than white it all out and hope for the best!