13 Incredible Tips To Transform Any Room Into A Man Cave


Every man dreams of having a man cave, and sorry ladies, but every man should have one. It's not only a place for them to relax and unwind it's a place for them to display the things they love and do the things they love “watch the football, play video games with the lads or watch all those annoying'' TV shows that you hate.

Any space can be transformed into a man cave,“ a spare room, the garden shed, attic, or garage.

If you're a man (in the middle of convincing your significant other to let you have a man cave), here's 13 incredible tips to transform any room into a man cave.

Choose the space, the first thing you need to do is decide which room is going to be your man cave. Discuss with your significant other and decide on a space together. Be prepared to negotiate, if necessary. *She's letting you have the man cave but she might want something in return, for example certain number of hours a month on household jobs.

Paint it the colours you like '“ whether it's the shed or the spare bedroom, this place is going to be yours so make it yours by painting it the colours that you love.

Set up the TV, for most men, an essential part of every man cave is the flat screen TV. It's important for you to decide the right setup ,where do you want it on the wall? Have you got the right brackets? Are you going to have a sound system to go with it?

The chair,“ Finding the chair which has the highest level of comfort and lowest level of maintenance is going to be critical. Test as many couches, sofas and recliners as possible so you find the one that’s for you.

The bar, invest in a bar (or build your own one if you're a DIYer) and fully stock it.

The snack bar – every man cave needs to be fully stocked with snacks. Invest in a small cupboard for all your favourite snacks such as crisps, doughnuts, and jellies. Have a mini-fridge stocked with soft drinks, chocolate and cold meats.

Personal touches , really make that space your own by adding some personal touches. You can frame that signed jersey and hang it on the wall. You can hang the Premier League fixtures calendar on the wall. You can make a feature wall using old records, concert t-shirts or match jerseys.

Give it a name, Naming your man cave is an important part of the process. This is a place that you created, so it's important that it gets its own name.

Lighting,“ The correct lighting is essential for every man cave. You don't want it too bright (this will ruin the home cinema effect when you’re watching a movie) but you also don’t want it too dark (making it impossible to pour drinks). Experiment with different varieties of light until you find the one that matches your criteria.

Game centre – It's important that every man cave has a good variety of entertainment. Think board games, card games, pool table, table tennis table, dart board, and games console.

Make it sound-proof,“ when choosing insulation material, put a priority on sound-proofing. If you plan on having late night poker games or fantasy football drafts, you don’t want to disturb your significant other or the neighbours.

Man cave and gym combined, if you're a bit of a fitness lover, reserve space in your man cave for some exercise equipment. Weights, a bench press and an exercise ball are good choices as they don’t take up too much room and you can exercise with these without being distracted from the TV.

Accessorise, A man cave doesn't need much in terms of accessories but a few items make a welcoming addition. Rugs (keep the heat longer), coffee tables (keep drinks safer) and cushions (make couches cosier) are all top choices when it comes to adding a bit of flair to your space.