13 Diy Valentines Day Gifts Youd Love To Get

Valentine's Day is only a short time away and there's nothing more romantic than giving a one-of-a-kind gift you've made with your own two hands.

Instead of giving the usual box of chocolates, bunch of flowers or teddy bear holding a heart which says ''I love you'', try out these DIY gifts.

Personalised mugs: Grab some plain coloured mugs, a couple of markers and get creative. Here’s a simple tutorial if you need some inspiration.

Bath bombs: A bath is a great way to relax, and it’s even more enjoyable with the addition of some bath bombs. Instead of trekking to the shops in search of the ones your loved one will like, make your own with the scents you know they love. Here's a great tutorialBath Bomb
Emergency sugar kit: There's moments in our lives when sugar is the only solution to a bad day. Get a mason jar and stuff it with your loved ones favourite treats. Whenever the sugar craving hits, they'll have what they need to hand.

Dates in a jar: Plan months of date nights with this creative idea. Print out a list of ideas for dates for you and your partner. Fold each date idea and drop it into a mason jar until it's full. Decorate the jar with stickers, glitter and ribbon.

Love coupons: Personalised love coupons are always a big hit. These coupons can be redeemable for various activities and tasks. To make them really work, it’s a good idea to make them personal. If your partner hates cleaning the shower, include a coupon that says ''one month off shower duty''. If they love going to the cinema but always let you pick the movie include a coupon that days ‘’movie date of your choice with snacks''.

Dinner date: If your partner does all the cooking, give them a night off and take over. Prepare a three course meal of their favourite food. Make it special by designing menus and cute Valentine's Day table decorations.

Dinner date

The Man Cake: Make a three-tier cake with a twist. The bottom layer could be his favourite cans of beer, the middle layer his favourite chocolate, sweets, and other treats and the top layer his favourite bottles of beer.

Book of memories: Photographs of date nights and holidays, receipts from restaurant dinners, tickets from all the movies you saw together in the cinema, and tickets from the concerts you went to together are perfect for this gift. Fill a scrapbook with all these memories and give it to your loved one on Valentine's Day. There's sure to be a few tears and laughs as you take them on a trip down memory lane.

Book of memories

Chocolate tool box: Chocolate and tools, the perfect combination to any man’s heart. Melt some chocolate and place it in tool shaped moulds such as a screwdriver, hammer, and wrench. Leave to set and then place them in a custom-made toolbox. For some inspiration, check out this

Romantic letters: Grab 12 pieces of paper, a pen and let your heart do the rest. Write a letter to be opened on a certain date of every month for the next 12 months.

Love letter

Bouquets: Forget flowers, this Valentine's day put together a unique bouquet. From miniature alcohol bottles to cupcakes, a bouquet can be made of anything!

Coffee lover’s survival kit: If your partner is the type that can't be without a cup of coffee, this is the DIY gift for you. Get a mason jar and fill it with coffee essentials: favourite instant coffee sachets, flavoured syrups such as vanilla or toffee, sugar (brown and white), biscuits such as biscotti (perfect for dunking) and little pouches of milk. This will be easy for them to carry on the go.

Coffee lover's survival kit

Chocolate love letter: Get a large sized chalkboard and write a nice love note. To make it special, use chocolate bars for words.

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