13 DIY Christmas Gifts you’d Actually Want to Receive

Christmas is approaching and that means the start of the annual gift hunt. Finding the perfect gift can be time consuming, expensive and sometimes, feel like an impossible task.

Well, we’re here to save the day. Here’s a list of gifts that you can make or put together yourself. The best thing – they won’t break the bank, take up too much of your time and your family and friends will absolutely love them!

Sweet treat jar – Grab a few mason jars and stuff them with ingredients for a delicious baked treat such as chocolate chip cookies or fudgy chocolate brownies. Whoever’s lucky to receive this gift, will be able to throw together a sweet fix whenever the cravings hit.


DIY ‘’Organise my life’’ board – We all have that friend or family member who makes the same resolution every year – to be more organised. Why not give them a helping hand? Create an ‘’Organise my life’’ chalkboard so that they can stay on top of things. It’s perfect for keeping track of the weekly dinner menu, to do lists and meetings and appointments.


DIY hand warmers – The perfect gift for that friend or family member who’s always cold. Keep them warm with some colourful DIY hand warmers. Rae Ann Kelly has a great tutorial, check it out:


Photo Collage – Photos are a reminder of all the wonderful times we’ve had. Bring together all the hilarious, beautiful and great snaps from Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat and transform them into a lovely photo collage. A thoughtful gift that everyone would be happy to receive.


Tea cup candles – Teacups are very popular at the moment, they’re popping up everywhere –charity shops, antique markets and discount stores. Grab a couple and make some lovely scented tea cup candles. Here’s a tutorial for some inspiration:

Oversized knit blanket – If you’re an artist with needles and wool, then create a cosy oversized knit blanket. It’s the perfect accessory for cosy nights in watching winter TV. Here’s some inspiration:


Christmas tea tree – winter is the seasons of hot drinks. With that in mind, a Christmas tea tree is a lovely gift for any tea drinker. With some glue, a cardboard cone (the one from any kitchen roll would be perfect for this) and individually wrapped tea bags (you can mix the flavours up) you’ll have a really unique gift.



Coffee lover survival kit– Ah coffee, many of us wouldn’t be able to survive a morning without a good cup of the stuff. This DIY coffee survival kit is an essential gift for all coffee lovers. Grab a cardboard box, decorate it with paint, glitter and some coffee related stickers. Fill it with instant coffee, some flavoured syrup, a couple of packets of biscuits for dunking and a take away coffee mug.


Spa in a jar – Mason jars appear again here but this time they’re stuffed with mini spa essentials such as face masks, lip balm, body scrub, hand and foot scrub, hand cream, nail clippers, bath bomb, nail file and of course, some delicious chocolates.


Personalised mugs – A plain white mug and a permanent marker is all that’s needed for this gift. Transform the mug with a personal message or your own artwork.


Box of chocolates – Paint a cardboard box with some unique artwork and fill it with some of your friend’s favourite chocolate and sweets. They won’t be stuck for their sugar fix this winter with a gift like this.


Christmas sugar scrub – DIY some beauty products. Focus on flavours like cinnamon, mint, and candy cane. Sugar body scrubs are easy to make and they make you smell delicious! See the tutorial by Love Grows Wild for some inspiration.


Cocktail kit mason jars – Fill a mason jar with ingredients for friends and family’s favourite cocktails. You’ll need mini bottles of mixture, mini bottles of alcohol, straws and some tags with instructions on how to make the drink. A nice little treat during the festive season.


Image credit: Shutterstock