11 Halloween Costumes You Need To Make This Year

11 Halloween costumes you need to make this year

You don't need to buy a last minute costume this Halloween when there are plenty of scary and fun ideas to try and make yourself. The good news is you may have all the materials you need at home and just need to call on your inner-artist to bring them to life

1) Donald Trump

It's hard to open a newspaper or turn on the TV without seeing his face plastered all over it, so he’s a topical choice for a costume and definitely a little bit scary too. All you need is a simple suit, red tie, short blonde wig that you can comb over and some fake tan or heavy foundation.


2) A Ghost

You can always spot the last-minute costumes when you're out on Halloween night but sometimes they can be the best. All you need for a ghost is a simple white sheet and then you need to decide on the level of scary. Do you want to be a friendly ghost like Casper, or perhaps more like the Grim Reaper? Have someone help you mark out the placement of your eyes while you're wearing it so you can cut them out.



3) Ventriloquist

Everybody knows Ventriloquists are kind of creepy. That blank stare and mouth set to a manic grin is enough to scare anyone. All you need is a bit of face paint to draw in the high cheekbones, lines for the mouth and eyes. A sharp suit with bow-tie will complete the look.


4) Beetlejuice

Any Tim Burton character will work well for Halloween but Beetlejuice is always a popular choice. This is one that will work for adults and children alike. Either paint a black suit with white stripes or a white one with black stripes. You can use black or white tape if you don't fancy ruining a suit. Simply smear on some white face paint and black circles around your eyes. The crazier the hair the better.


5) Creepy Doll

This is an easy one for girls to do using items they may already have. It just requires a tea dress, an apron, head band and some face paint or makeup. Be sure to white-out a large section under your eyes drawing the eyelashes around them and design the lips into a small, pursed shape. Using a black eyeliner, draw in a cracked porcelain effect. A pair of Mary Jane shoes and knee high white socks will complete the look.


6) The Mummy

This one will take a little bit of time to perfect but won't cost you anything, just an old sheet that you don't mind cutting up. Ideal to use on one of your children, not too scary for them and less work wrapping their little limbs for you! The easiest way is to cut and rip the sheet into strips, then sew onto a long sleeved top and trousers. Alternatively you can wrap and pin to your body but take care!


7) Baby carrier

Just because you have a small baby, doesn't mean you have to sit this year out. Babies can be the perfect component to complete your halloween outfit. Alternatively you can just embellish your buggy or baby carrier with some cobwebs or lights for a bit of bling.



8) Bat wings

This costume will work well for young and old and is a great way to repurpose old umbrellas that aren't up to the job anymore. Follow this easy guide to make yours:


9) Exorcist

The iconic teenager Regan will be forever remembered for her haunting head turning antics in the film The Exorcist. You can create this look quite easily with a long nightie, white, black and red face paint and some blacked out teeth. Avoid washing or brushing your hair for a few days to perfect that just out of bed look and persuade a friend to dress as a priest to make the perfect duo.


10) Vampire

What kind of vampire would you be? You could go the traditional route of the Hammer Horror-style vampire, just a cape and a pair of fangs. Perhaps you could indulge in the opulence of velvet and long hair aka Tom Cruise in Interview with a vampire, or go full redneck like the True Blood vampires. There are plenty of options to suit anyones wardrobe and required level of scariness.



11) Witch

Whatever happened to being a plain old, scary, witch? Sometimes the simplest costumes are the best. Just grab a black hat, some green face paint, a broom and away you go. Perfect for the little ones.