11 Cheap Ways To Transform Your Garden Into A Heavenly Haven

Is your garden more chaotic than therapeutic? If you're looking to transform your garden into a place for escapism, try some of these cheap and easy tips.

String/fairy lights: A small investment with a big impact. String lights add character to your garden. They help create a warm atmosphere which helps you to relax more when you’re sitting out on Summer nights.

fairy lights

Comfortable garden furniture: Invest in some decent garden furniture such as swing chairs. Add cushions and blankets to make them extra cosy.

Accessorise: A couple of candle holders for the patio tables, a bird feeder or some nice cushions for your garden furniture can make your outdoor space feel more welcoming.

Add colour: If your garden makes you feel sad every time you’re in it, a pop of colour here and there is what it needs. Add pots with bright coloured flowers or transform your garden fence with uplifting colours such as white and yellow.

Bright flowers

Invest in a Barbecue: Eating outdoors is very relaxing, especially when it involves flame-grilled burgers and juicy steaks straight off the barbeque. Invest in decent outdoor cooking equipment to take your outdoor dining experience to a whole new level.


Invest in a chimenea: The heat from these is enough to convince you to spend more nights sitting out in the garden. Also, toasted marshmallows anyone?

Hang a cosy hammock: If you're a big lover of relaxing in the garden, then a hammock is the lounge chair of choice. Add a bright hammock to your patio or between a sturdy tree in your garden. It's the perfect spot for reading, sunning, and taking a much-needed break.


Add some enchantment: A few creative accessories can transform your garden into another world. These fairy doors are cute and add a unique charm to your garden.

Water: A garden should have water, whether it be a bird bath or a small pond.

Add light: To transform your garden into a place for dining and entertaining at night, it's important to have plenty of light. Invest in lighting, everything from tea lights to hanging lanterns.


Oversized pots: Plant some colourful flowers such as petunias, tulips and alpine forget-me-nots in oversized pots. Once they bloom and spill over the edges, your garden will look and smell amazing.

Image credit: Shutterstock