11 Awesome Diy Projects

1) Make Your Own Beanbag

There are specialist stores selling bean bags at prices that you'll find hard to justify given that it’s essentially a ''fun'' piece of furniture and not a necessity. Bean bags, floor cushion, or pouf shouldn't be that hard to make and no one will complain if it's not perfect. http://www.livingwithpunks.com/2010/05/tutorial-land-of-nod-inspired-floor/



2) Outdoor Table

A chunky solid outdoor table can cost an arm and a leg and the more rustic and worn looking it is, you can be sure it's even more expensive. We love this simple design using 2x4s. It's a bit adventurous for total novices but those who consider themselves a not-too-shabby carpenter should find it easy enough. http://www.ana-white.com/2012/06/plans/fancy-x-farmhouse-table

Outdoor Table


3) DIY Mug

This is a perfect project for a last-minute present you can throw together. Forgotten a birthday, or that it's mother's day? Nothing a permanent marker and plain white mug can't fix. You'll totally impress with this bespoke mug. http://www.popsugar.com/smart-living/Sharpie-Mug-DIY-Project-24955886

Sharpie Mug


4) Photo Transfer

A nice alternative to picture frames, this DIY method lets you transfer your favourite photos o to a chosen wood surface for a rustic feel that heightens the nostalgia. http://hellocreativefamily.com/photo-to-wood-transfer-tutorial-from-sew-creative/

Photo Wood Transfer


5) Â Customised Keys

Whether you want to be able to colour code your keys to tell them apart or simply create a nice pattern for your house key, this simple tutorial is for you. All you need is the chosen nail polish of your choice and a top coat. http://www.trendhunter.com/trends/key-design

Key Design


6) Copper Wire Pendant Lamps

Copper and brass are huge in home decor at the moment and as a result expensive to buy. But it's just copper isn't it? You can totally do this yourself by using copper spray paint on an existing lamp. Voila. http://www.idainteriorlifestyle.com/2013/05/diy-copper-lamp.html

Copper Lamp


7) Bagel Holder

Ever wondered what the best way was to transport your bagels into the office and at the same time worried about what to do with those redundant CD spindles? This one doesn't need much explaining. http://lifehacker.com/249965/macgyver-tip-cd-spindle-bagel-tote

Bagel Holder


8) Necklace Holder

This necklace holder couldn’t be simpler and allows you to combine a rustic piece of wood with individual drawer handles. You can have fun picking out mismatched ones from your local hardware store and get creative. http://visiblymoved.blogspot.ie/2012/01/diy-necklace-holder.html

Necklace Holder


9) Customised Light Switches

In one simple step you can add a touch of class to your home. Adding small decorative frames or customising the switches yourself can really lift the design and feel of a room. Have some fun with the ones in the kids rooms. http://www.hometalk.com/2010684/customize-light-switch-covers-with-scrapbook-paper

Designer Light Switch


10) Upside Down Tomato Planter

This upside down planter uses needs very little in the way of materials and is perfect for those without much garden space. Get it going soon for juicy tomatoes this summer. http://www.cheapvegetablegardener.com/2-liter-bottle-upside-down-tomato-planter/

Tomato Planter


11) Pebble Table Runner

This would look perfect on that rustic outdoor table you made earlier. (Hint, hint – get going!). A bonus is you get some exercise and fresh air while out scouting for the perfect pebbles on the beach. http://mycraftyspot.com/stone-table-runner-placemats-diy/

Pebble Table Runner