10 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Appear Bigger

Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes but on the whole they tend to be rather on the small side. Because of that, we decided to look at how, if you’re doing up your bathroom this year, you can make it bigger than it actually is. Or at least appear larger. Read on to find out our 10 tried and tested tips:

1. Wall hung furniture. Leaving a space between the floor and your vanity or toilet allows the eye to travel freely around the bottom of your bathroom, making the room appear larger. This type of furniture is also more compact. But on a more practical level it also allows you to store items underneath the furniture such as a rack for toiletries or towels.

2. Corner furniture. These days it’s common to find corner sinks and even corner toilets. And if you fit bathroom furniture which is both wall hung and made for corners then hit the jackpot.
3. Tiles. Putting up large tiles on the wall will make your bathroom seem more spacious in the same way painting it a light colour will achieve the same result (again, it’s all about perception).
4. Light. If the window in your bathroom is on the small side, is it possible to add a skylight? If not, recessed lighting would be better than hanging lights, especially if the room has a low ceiling.


5. Mirrors. It’s an old trick but it’s worth including here because it really does work. Adding reflective surfaces to your bathroom bounces light and gives the illusion of far more space than there actually is.
6. Bath mats. It’s tempting to put down a warm rug, especially with the winters we’re forced to endure here in Ireland. But doing so will make the floor cluttered and therefore appear smaller. If you must have a mat then try and buy one in a similar shade to your existing flooring in order to achieve that old deceiving the eye trick.
7. Doors. A door which opens inwards to a bathroom can be constricting. A sliding door on the other hand doesn’t take away any space from the bathroom at all. Then again, maybe you could fix the door so it opens out into the hallway instead?

8. Taps. It’s more of a modern trend these days to have one, rather than two taps. This will free up more room in your sink, allowing you to place a bottle of soap there – alternatively leave it clear for a minimalist look.

9. Shelves. Wooden cabinets can be handy, but they also take up a lot of space and look obtrusive. Glass shelves on the other hand do the job of providing storage but don’t distract the eye to nearly the same extent.

Modern Bathroom

 10. Shower door. It may be more revealing than a patterned or misted version but always opt for a clear shower door so that it doesn’t ‘divide’ the look of your bathroom. The same applies to a shower curtain.

Here at Chadwick’s we hope the above will give you a few ideas and get you inspired for that bathroom makeover that’s possibly been brewing for some time now.