10 Things Every Builder Learns Quickly

10 Things Every Builder Learns Quickly

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1) Getting On and Off Machinery

It seems so simple but every year there are countless accidents that involve workers falling when getting on and off large machinery. Boots can be slippy from mud and certain glove types may cause a worker to lose their grip.

2) Standing in the Work Area

Workers new to the field will quickly learn that standing too close to the machinery or a dig site, simply to watch what is being done will not go down well with the machine operators.

3) Working Outside Your Skills

Taking on a job that you're not qualified to do can be a big mistake as there's nowhere to hide your shoddy workmanship and it will soon become apparent that maybe you're not as good as you made out. It's good to be confident but be realistic too.

4) Steady Wins the Race

Rushing a project or build just to meet a deadline will cost more in the long run. Problems will arise as the project progresses and cutting corners is a bad idea.

5) Time Management

Time is money, especially in the construction industry and for the bigger projects especially, everyone needs to meet their daily targets and works as a team. Time management includes turning up on time. If everyone else can get to the site by 7am then so can you.

6) Food is Energy

If you're not going to be near a shop, make sure to bring enough food to get you through the day. You're never going to need fuel as much as you do during a hard day on site.

7) Pay Attention

You'll quickly learn to keep your head up and utilise all your senses. Having your head stuck in your phone won't go down well with your workmates but could also get you knocked out out by swinging machinery or falling materials. Keep your wits about you.

8) Pull Your Weight

Do your task at hand to the best of your ability and strive to always keep busy. If you've not been given something to do, don't just sit around. Give someone else a hand, help clean up, do a food run. There are always willing workers so you want to make yourself indispensable.

9) Respect the Hierarchy

You've a lot to learn from those who have been on the job for many years. You may be young and stronger perhaps, but you'll quickly be put in your place if you take their advice lightly.

10) Emergency Procedure

Given the nature of the job it's inevitable that there will be some accidents. It's essential for newbie builders to be able to act fast in an emergency. This includes knowing the emergency procedures, where first aid and emergency equipment are located, how to file a report on the accident and all the people necessary to contact in the event of an accident.