10 Household Diy Tasks Everyone Should Know

We all know that it’s possible to outsource any job – but there’s some things you should know how to do yourself.

Here’s 10 DIY household tasks everyone should know.

How to clear a blocked drain or toilet: A problem we all come across. At some stage, you’ll find a blockage in your house. The shower and bath can become clogged with hair. The toilet bowl will start filling up with water when there’s a blockage in the waste pipe.

Knowing how to sort this will mean you won’t need to spend money on professional help. You can sort this problem by flushing your drain with boiling water, using a drain snake or plunging vigorously.

How to clear a blocked drain or toilet

Cook a decent meal: Between dining out and takeaways ordered in, we spend enormous amounts of money on feeding ourselves.

Nobody needs to live off cereal and instant noodles for dinner, so it’s important you know how to cook a couple of tasty dishes. You’ll brush up on your culinary skills and save yourself a bunch of cash.

Cook a decent meal

Paint: If you're house is in need of some TLC; a fresh coat of paint will instantly brighten it up. Doing your own painting will save a fortune and it's quite a relaxing activity. Check out our tips on painting.

How to fix a dripping tap: If your tap is dripping, it's usually due to a worn washer. It's one of the most common complaints concerning household plumbing. Save the trouble and expense of a plumber by fixing this yourself.

How to wire a plug: A really handy thing to know if you purchase an appliance fitted with a plug that isn't suitable for your sockets. If you're unsure how to do this, check out this step-by-step guide.

How to drill: Being able to drill is an essential skill to have in every household. With it, you'll be able do a huge amount of DIY jobs and tasks: putting up shelves, hanging picture frames and assembling furniture are a few examples.

How to drill

Caulk cracks and gaps: Caulking is a sealing method that fills gaps and cracks in various parts of your home like window frames and corners. According to hgtv, wait for a warm, dry day; clean the are you're caulking and remove any loose debris. Hold the gun consistently at a 45-degree angle, apply the caulk in a smooth stream without stopping.


How to clean your gutters: When gutters get clogged, water can get trapped. This puts pressure on your gutters which can eventually lead to damage. It's important to clean your gutters at least once a year. It’s even more important to know hot to clean them properly. Here's some tips.

Clean gutters

How to choose the right interior lighting: It’s important to be able to choose the correct light for your home. Many of us choose the light fixtures that look the best. Then take them home and find the lighting doesn’t suit that particular room. It’s important to take into account on how well they function. Here’s our guide on how to make interior lighting work for you.

Know your nails: Nails come in a variety of shape and size because each one is designed to do a specific job. Using the wrong nail for the wrong job will affect how sturdy your finished DIY job will be. If you’re the type who just grabs the first nail you see, this guide is for you.