10 Cheap And Creative Ideas For Your Garden Shed


Many of us forget that a garden shed is an extra room outside your home. In many homes, the shed is used as a dumping place for everything and anything, rusty bikes, a collection of old lawnmowers and storage boxes that have seen better days.

Instead of wasting this extra space, clean it up and turn it into something useful with these 10 tips.

A home office: A shed doesn't have the same space as your work office but it has the privacy you need to get important projects done.

In order for it to work effectively, make it look like an office. Apply a lick of paint, have a desk and chair, have some shelves with books related to your industry and a coffee machine for the essential caffeine fix.

An outdoor pub: Take entertaining your guests to a whole new level by transforming your shed into a pub.

It's relatively easy: invest in a small bar and a couple of stools, stock it with some of your favourite drinks and prepare to play fake bar tender whenever you have your friends over.

A gym: With a gym in your back garden, you'll have no excuse not to exercise.

Stock it with the basics – yoga mat, various weights and exercise ball. If you can afford equipment like treadmills and cross trainers – even better. Get a full workout from the comfort of your own home.

A game room: A game room is suitable for kids (and adults) of all ages. Make it the perfect go-to place to relax and unwind.

Set up a pool table, TV, music system and game console. Choose your furniture – it could be a comfy couch or oversized beanbags. Have a mini fridge near, loaded with snacks and drinks.

A workshop: If you’re a big DIYer but struggle to do any DIY, the garden shed is waiting for you to turn it into your own workshop.

Set up shelves and cupboards with all your tools, install a work table and get started on all the DIY projects you’ve been planning.

A home spa: We spend quite a bit of money pampering ourselves with professional spa treatments. If you’re really a big fan, transform your garden shed into a home spa.

Invest in a hot tub and massage table and get the full treatment every night of the week. Light scented candles and play soothing music in the background to add to the relaxing atmosphere.

Music studio: If you're a musician, struggling to find space and time for your music, the garden shed is the perfect solution – transform it into your own music studio.

Keep all your instruments and amps out there and invest in some decent recording equipment. Make it your go-to place for all things music, practice, song writing and recording.

A playroom: Many parents dream of having a room dedicated to their kids and playtime. The reality is most families don’t have a spare room and the result is toys scattered everywhere and kids running around.

The shed can make that dream come true. Paint it with bright colours, put some carpet on the floor and you'll have a cosy playroom for your kids and their friends. They can play all day: as loud as they want, and as messy as they want.

An art studio: The garden shed is a great place for you to go and be creative. Whether you're an artist, or designer, all you need is your easel, paint, sewing kit and sketchbook.

A home cinema: Transform your garden shed into a home cinema.

This is where you get creative: give it a lick of paint (a suggestion is black to add to the cinema vibe), invest in a red velvet comfy couch and use a projector to view classics the whole family will love. Have a popcorn maker and mini fridge with snacks and drinks to truly make it a home cinema.