I Was Wondering About Purchasing A Tank To Store Water Collected From My Ro

I was wondering about purchasing a tank to store water, collected from my roof. Is there any insulation required for the tanks you are selling? Does this insulation come with the tank or are you selling it separately? What material would be used to insulate the tank? I am also wondering if you are selling a water filter to stop leaves and twigs from falling into the tank. Would I be able to purchase these items as a package? Thank you so much for your time and I await a swift response. Kind Regards, Joy Sparkes

We sell two types of water storage units, the standard waterbutt which comes in two sizes 110ltr and 210ltr both come with a stand and a diverter kit, the other water storage units are a 700ltr and 1000ltr they both come with water pumps.  Neither come with a filter, but we do sell a gutter guard which prevents leaves and other debris from clogging up you gutter.  They do not come insulated.