Hyundai Handle Held Leaf Blower


EAN: 64307


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Powered by a Hyundai 26cc easy-start two stroke air cooled engine producing 0.9hp, the HYBV26 is a highly-effective combination blower-shredder-vacuum that provides home, estate, leisure and amenity users with the ability to either blow or collect leaves and other light, loose garden debris to suit individual requirements. 

In blower mode, the HYBV26 is fitted with a tapered nozzle that directs the machine’s 114mph (50 metres/sec) air blast exactly where it is needed to quickly and effectively shift leaves, litter, grass clippings, tree debris and other light, loose material. Changing the machine to shredder-vacuum mode takes a couple of minutes involving the removal of the blower nozzle and the fitting of a debris pick-up tube, material delivery pipe and a 40 litre fabric collection bag which adds minimal weight to machine.

All of the leaves and other debris collected by the machine in vacuum mode pass through fully guarded, high-speed shredder mulching and minimizing vacuumed debris to maximise collection bag capacity so the vacuum can be operated for longer periods of time before the bag needs emptying. The HYBV26 is supplied as standard with a single over-shoulder support harness for vacuuming and blowing operations and, with a low all-up weight in either mode,  can be used over extended periods.

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