Hyundai Air Compressor


EAN: 64392


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The Hyundai HY2550 air compressor is a 2.5hp direct drive machine, ideally suited to the hobbyist or for DIY users and in an indoor setting. This durable, simple and lightweight compressor air compressor is powered by a 2.5hp electric motor with a 230v output, so you can plug it straight into any conventional residential power socket, making it ideal for use in a home workshop or garage. Alongside the lightweight design this compressor has built-in wheels and an easy grip handle, making transportation and storage of the HY2550 a simple task.

One of the main features of this air compressor has to be the powerful direct drive motor. The direct drive design connects the motor straight up to the compressor's pump, and it is this increased efficiency that allows all of the 2.5hp produced by the motor to be used to drive the pump. This makes it a very powerful compressor in what is a very compact design, and in turn produces 115PSI, which is ample pressure for most common home air compressor uses. The maximum output of this air compressor is 7.42CFM.

Another major feature of this compressor are the twin outlets and regulator, so the user can run more than one air tool at a time. The dual capability of the outlets allow the user to change rapidly between two different air tools without needing to disconnect either of them separately.

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